New Techonology Used In Vehicle Collisions

by | Oct 3, 2012

Some states are welcoming the newest technology in the world of mapping vehicle collisions.  Missouri is leading the way by rolling out the new Sokkia SRX Robotic Total Station.  This very helpful new tool, which looks a lot like a mini R2D2, allows measurements of an accident scene to be taken without the hassle of reflectors.  Reflectors can be time consuming, obstruct traffic, and put police officers and crime scene workers in danger.  Recent tests have shown that using this tool subtracts two hours for the normal time needed to map an accident.  That can make a big difference during rush hour leading to less congestion and fewer fender benders from rubber-necking.  While the Sokkia will provide very accurate mapping and evidence of the scene, it is also important to anticipate how it will be used.  Few states have implemented this new technology.  It will probably only be in the hands of those that can afford it for the next few years.  This will very likely include trucking companies because they are renowned for sending investigators to their crashes immediately to begin defending their case.  It is important to know that more knowledge and evidence in the hands of the trucking company means it will be even more difficult to negotiate and receive fair compensation.  To help ensure that the trucking companies are properly dealt with, always consult an attorney who understands the intricacies of tractor trailer litigation.

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