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Watch our videos to learn more about our firm and about how to navigate personal injury cases. Our award-winning Washington, DC attorneys are here to help you stand the best chance of receiving the highest amount of compensation due. You can also watch testimonials from our satisfied clients and press interviews with our associates. With 90 years of combined experience, Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. has made a name for itself. Learn more about how we can help defend your rights.

Meet the Team


Allan Siegel

Ira Sherman

Joseph Cammarata

Practice Areas

Brain Injuries


Car Accidents

Things You Need To Know Videos

Choosing Your Attorney

Do I Need An Attorney?

Establishing Relationships For Better Results

Board Certified Trial Attorney

Fighting For Justice and Just Compensation

Helping You Focus on Recovering

Can I Afford An Injury Attorney?

Brain Injury Association of DC

How Much Is My Case Worth?

Brain Injuries and Concussions

The Team

The Civil Justice System: Protecting Your Family

Client Testimonials


Glenn Sutcliffe

Lynn & Katherine Young

Leonardo Dorsett

Keairra Holley

Jose De Arteaga

Brent Meier

Clients Discuss Their Experience With CSCS

Beth & Beverly

Dwight Harris



In The News

Joseph Cammarata:
Media Coverage

Joseph Cammarata:
Lawsuit over 'Wizard of Oz' Garment

Joseph Cammarata:
Welcomed to the Virginia Senate

Joseph Cammarata: Inside the Affair That Nearly Toppled the White House

Joseph Cammarata: Reaction to Bill Cosby Guilty Verdict

Joseph Cammarata: Inside the Affair That Nearly Toppled the White House

Joseph Cammarata Appears on Fox News to Discuss Concussions in Youth Sports

Joseph Cammarata on News Channel 8 Discussing Youth Athlete Concussions

Rabbi Accused of Voyeurism

Possible Plea Deal for Rabbi

Bill Cosby Accused of Defamation

Bill Cosby being Sued for Defamation

Rabbi pleads guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism

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