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DC is among the nation’s most populated metro areas, and it sees thousands of car accidents each year. When accidents are serious enough to cause injuries, life as you know it can come to a screeching halt. From medical bills and lost income to pain and suffering, auto accidents can cause tremendous stress. Rebuilding after an accident looks different for everyone, but recovering compensation from the responsible party is always important.

Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. has represented victims and families in a wide range of accident cases – from complex cases involving multiple parties and corporate defendants to claims over traffic violations, regulatory failures, and common underlying causes. We leverage experience, the insight of Board Certified Civil Trial Law Specialists, and extensive resources to help clients secure the results they need when they need it most.

Why should you call Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C.?

  • We have recovered over $500 million in compensation
  • Our award-winning trial lawyers have 90+ years of experience
  • We have proven results in auto accident and serious injury cases
  • We don’t take any fees unless we win your accident case

Seriously injured in an auto accident? Don’t wait – contact our Washington DC car accident lawyers today at (202) 659-8600 for a FREE initial consultation.

Why You Should Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer

Many people choose to handle insurance claims themselves. This can be a tremendous task if you are not familiar with these types of cases. There are guidelines that you are supposed to follow after an accident—not just with the other insurance company, but also with the state. Some states require you to submit a record of the auto accident within a certain amount of time. If you were injured, your medical history may also need to be reviewed.

When you work with Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., we can inform you of the different rules and procedures associated with filing a personal injury claim in Washington, DC. We can also get your claim noticed by the insurance company and save you the hassle of dealing with complicated legal procedures and medical records. We don’t charge any fees unless we win your case, so you have nothing to lose by giving us a call today.

Types of Car Accident Cases We Handle

As auto accident attorneys in Washington DC, our job is to establish fault and liability, explore your options, and guide you through the most appropriate pathway while fighting for the maximum compensation possible. We’ve helped hundreds of families affected by motor vehicle accidents, and we know how to level the playing field when facing off against powerful insurance carriers and corporations that care more about profits than people.

We handle all types of auto accidents, including:

  • Uber / Lyft accidents 
    Rideshare services are common today but who is responsible if an accident occurs? Our attorneys break down rideshare services liability and required insurance coverage. Learn more today!
  • Uninsured motorist accidents 
    If you have been in an accident with an uninsured motorist, you still have options! Our car accident attorneys break down your options and how they can help you in our uninsured and underinsured motorists page.
  • Read-end collisions 
    Rear-end accidents are the most common type of accident. While some rear-end accidents result in minor injuries, they have the capacity to inflict severe harm on motorists. Learn more about how our team can help you if you have been injured in an accident.
  • Rollover accidents 
    While rollover accidents don’t happen often when they do they can cause catastrophic harm to those involved. If you have been injured in a rollover accident, don’t hesitate to learn more about how our firm can help you today.
  • Intersection accidents 
    Intersections are one of the most dangerous places in roadways, nearly half of accidents occur at or next to an intersection. Learn more about intersection accident statistics and how our team of attorneys can help you if you have been injured.
  • Parking lot accidents 
    Since parting lots are private property, reporting and filing for a car accident claim can be more difficult. Read about your options, common injuries, and more on our parking lot accidents page.
  • Single-vehicle accidents 
    There are many factors that could a car accident independent of another vehicle. If you have suffered a crash along but because of the negligence of another person or entity learn how we can help you today.
  • Distracted driving accidents 
    Distracted driving is becoming an all too common occurrence in today’s society. When a driver neglects their responsibility to drive safety they should be held responsible for their actions. Learn more on our distracted driving accidents page.
  • Drunk driving accidents 
    Those injured at the hands of a drunk driver have the right to pursue compensation for their injuries. Our firm is experienced in working these types of cases and are ready to help you today.

Top 10 Mistakes Made After an Accident
Review these common auto accident mistakes to protect your rights.


Determining Fault for Your Auto Accident

Washington DC is a no-fault state, meaning after a car accident an injury victim uses their own insurance policy to cover financial losses, this type of insurance policy is called personal injury protection or PIP insurance. There are exceptions to this rule, making it possible for an individual to file a claim against the negligent driver if:

  • The injured party suffers a permanent injury or disfigurement
  • The injured party is unable to perform daily activities for 180 days or more
  • If medical expense exceed what is covered through PIP coverage

In every auto accident, one driver is usually liable for the collision. Often, it is obvious which driver is responsible. In other situations, the evidence must be carefully reviewed. Our firm’s legal team will review statements from the drivers, as well as other witnesses who saw the accident. Other information is taken into account as well.

For example, another way to help determine which driver is liable is the police report. If the police came to the scene of the accident, it is their job to make a report of what they observe. Many times, the officer will write down which driver they believe was at fault. It is important to get the police report to help your attorney file your claim.

Your Right to Compensation After a Car Accident

Victims of preventable accidents have the right to pursue monetary compensation from the at-fault party for their damages, including economic and non-economic losses. However, compensation is never guaranteed – especially when insurance companies work aggressively to dispute or deny your claim, and do everything in their power to limit payouts as much as possible. This is why you need an experienced car accident lawyer on your side.

You may be entitled to financial compensation for:

  • Past medical bills (for treatment, surgery, physical therapy, etc.)
  • Future medical expenses (for any expected long-term or life-long needs)
  • Lost income from missing work
  • Lost future earnings from long-term or permanent disabilities
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional and mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life / loss of support

To hold at-fault parties responsible, you must prove another’s negligence or wrongful acts more likely than not caused your accident, and that you suffered actual damages as a result. These steps require significant work and preparation, and the insight of proven lawyers, which is why you should not wait to contact our firm.

A few of the results we’ve secured in car accident cases include:

  • $6 million – settlement for client who suffered a brain injury in a rear-end accident.
  • $4.8 million – settlement for seriously injured motorcycle accident victim struck by vehicle.
  • $1.9 million – jury verdict awarded to client who suffered permanent back injury in a car accident.

These results represent claims of serious injuries, but we accept cases from any victim injured by negligence. Whether your case is worth $10,000 or $10,000,000, our firm is here to help you seek justice.

Will I Need to Take My Case to Court?

If an experienced lawyer represents you, the insurance claim can often be settled outside of court without you needing to file a lawsuit. If a settlement is reached, the cost and time of having a trial can be avoided. In addition, when a lawyer helps with your settlement, your overall recovery from the car accident is often greater.

Call Now to Learn More About Your Rights & Options

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident in Washington, DC or anywhere in the DC Metro area, speak to one of our skilled lawyers before you settle with the insurance company. Our legal team is here to fight for what you truly deserve. When you come to our office for an initial consultation, you do not have to pay anything. Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. would be happy to review your case for free, so call now.

Our firm handles all car accident and personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning that we do not get paid unless we successfully recover compensation for you. Call us at (202) 659-8600 to get started with a FREE consultation today.

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