Law firm recovers over $698,000 for man killed by truck driver

by | Jul 22, 2011

The law firm recently settled a case for $698,750 on behalf of a man who was killed by tractor-trailer driver.   Our client was the manager and owner of a campground in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.   The truck driver had entered the campground without permission to visit one of the families who was living on the campground.   There is a sign at the front of the campground  that says that all visitors must sign in.   As the truck driver was leaving, our client pulled in front of his truck with his car, got out of his car,and approached the truck driver.  Our client climbed up on the step of the tractor-trailer to ask the driver why he was on the property.  The truck driver claimed that he thought our client had a gun, and was trying to kill him.  It was dark, and our client did not have any identification on his car, or his body, which demonstrated that he had the authority to pull over the truck, or to approach the truck.  Accordingly, the truck driver drove away, causing our client to fall from the step.  The truck driver, claiming he was scared for his life, then drove away, running over and killing our client in the process.  The police investigated the case as a hit and run, but did not press any charges against the truck driver.  The police believed his story that he was scared for his life, and drove away in “self-defense.”

The law firm refused to accept this result, and began an investigation in the hope of bringing justice to our client’s family. Our client was survived by a wife, 3 adult children, and 2 grandchildren.  The law firm filed a lawsuit and took the deposition of the truck driver and a passenger in the truck.  The passenger was a female companion.  She testified that she told the truck driver to stop.   She also said our client did not make any threats or threatening gestures.  The truck driver admitted that he never saw a gun, and that our client did not raise his voice.   Through extensive discovery, we were able to convince the insurance company that there was a significant likelihood that a jury would come to a different conclusion then the police.  The insurance company agreed to pay over $698,000 to compensate our client’s family. While no amount will replace a loving husband, father and grandfather, we are proud that we were able to hold the truck driver accountable when the local law enforcement agency refused to do so.

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