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Red Light Accident

Trucks Running Red Lights

Washington, DC Truck Accident Lawyer

Even under the best circumstances, tractor-trailers can be hazardous for other motorists. "Fender benders" involving cars and trucks are rare; usually, any truck accident is disastrous for the passenger vehicle. The level of danger increases when a truck driver blatantly disobeys traffic laws by driving through a stop sign or running a red light.

Why Trucks Run Red Lights

The greater a truck's mass and weight is, the more stopping distance it will require. All too often, a trucker will find it difficult to stop quickly enough when they encounter a stop sign or a red light, and proceed through the intersection. This happens most often on steeply graded roads where trucks cannot safely stop.

In other cases, however, a truck driver may purposely run a red light when they were capable of stopping. For example, if the truck is traveling through a small town or a warehouse district and the driver assumes no other traffic is approaching, they may run the red light.

Catching Other Motorists Off-Guard

If another motorist is obeying their green light and a truck runs a red light, there is usually no time at all for the driver of the passenger vehicle to react. Even an alert driver may not realize that a truck is crossing the intersection until it is too late.

All it takes is a few seconds of carelessness for a serious truck accident to occur. No matter how difficult it may be for a truck to stop, the fact remains that truck drivers are trained to anticipate stopping at intersections and to prepare for the possibility of a green light turning red. When another person is seriously injured because of a truck driver's poor judgment, they deserve full compensation for their injuries and losses.

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