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Commercial trucks are known as 18-wheelers because these massive machines need numerous tires to support their weight and the force they create when driving long distances. As such, tires are crucial to trucking safety and should be a focus of concern for all drivers and trucking companies.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers and companies devote the necessary attention to the state of their vehicle’s tires. Even when they do, defective products and outside circumstances can result in tire failure and blowouts. When this occurs, trucks can lose control and cause accidents that result in injuries, including serious injuries or death.

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Common Causes of Truck Tire Blowouts

There are a number of various causes of truck tire blowouts, and when representing injured victims, our legal team works diligently to explore all possible causes. Because we are familiar with handling truck accident cases, we know where and how to look for the underlying cause.

We also know how to use this information to determine if any violations were made, if accidents could have been prevented, and who should be held responsible for victims’ injuries.

Causes include:

  • Separated Tread – Tread separation can be disastrous for large commercial trucks, often because it occurs at higher speeds. Blowouts caused by tread separation may stem from improperly maintained or overused tires or by inherently defective tires. Many recalls have been made for tires prone to tread separation.
  • Disintegrating Spare Tires – Trucking companies should equip vehicles with spare tires that are in good condition and ensure they stay in good condition, as tires can degrade over time even when they are not being used. When spare tires in poor condition are not replaced and are then used on commercial trucks, everyone on public roads face increased risks of accidents.
  • Wrong Tires – Regulations exist for tires that are designed specifically for certain vehicles or to bear a certain amount of weight. Manufacturers, dealers, and companies have a responsibility to make sure the correct tires are being used.
  • Improperly Inflated Tires – Tires that are overly inflated or under inflated are at risk of blowouts. As such, drivers and companies must ensure the correct tire pressure given the circumstances.

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