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Bucket trucks are commercial vehicles fitted with extending arms, or booms, and some type of platform. Also known as cherry pickers, bucket trucks are commonly used to service aerial utilities, power lines, trees, and signage. Workers perform their jobs from the platform, or bucket, which can be maneuvered using an extending boom.

Bucket trucks use public roads and highways on a daily basis, and due to their size, weight, and an inability to maneuver quickly, are often involved in injury-causing traffic accidents. In some cases, these accidents can causecatastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

Reasons for injury-causing bucket truck accidents include:

  • Untrained workers
  • Improper maintenance of vehicles
  • Product defects
  • Lack of warnings to public
  • Falling objects

In many cases, bucket trucks are rented on a per-job basis for jobs that may involve painting, tree trimming, or installation of certain items. Unfortunately, people who rent bucket trucks may not be trained professionals, and do not always receive proper training or instruction on how to use the vehicles and booms. As a result, preventable accidents can and do happen to nearby pedestrians and motorists.

Another cause of bucket truck accidents stems from improper warnings to those nearby. If no warning is given about a stopped bucket truck, for example, it can lead to preventable traffic accidents. Passerby who are not aware of work being performed may also be at risk for suffering injuries caused by failing objects or debris.

Regulations over the utilities have eased over recent years. While this enables utilities to make more money, it all too often places profits over the safety of people. When utilities opt to save money for things like worker training, vehicle maintenance, and new equipment, they put the public at risk of suffering preventable harm.

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