Construction Zone Accidents

Construction Zone Auto Accidents

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A construction zone can transform a normally safe and fast section of highway into a much more dangerous one. Lanes can shrink. They can become crowded. They can change from day to day, and drivers are forced to react suddenly to different conditions. Some drivers react well, allowing extra time for a trip and being courteous. Other drivers react badly, trying to hurry through the construction zone, angry at any delay, and trying to force their way into traffic in a dangerous fashion.


Companies that are putting up cones and redirecting traffic as part of a construction project have a responsibility to mark off all zones where work is being performed. They also have a responsibility to make sure the new lanes are designated in a way that is safe and allows adequate room for traffic to merge and pass the construction zone.

They have to ensure that construction vehicles do not make dangerous incursions into traffic, and warn motorists about potential hazards ahead. If they fail to do this, they may be partly responsible for your auto accident and any serious injuries you may have sustained.


Some drivers see construction zones as a personal inconvenience and will try to maneuver aggressively through a construction zone, which may put you at an increased risk of an auto accident. Dangerous acceleration, sudden turns, and failure to yield the right-of-way are all common ways that these drivers put you in danger.


In construction zones there is a dangerous combination of more trucks, less room to maneuver, and unpredictable conditions that makes tractor-trailer accidents more likely.

In fact, according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) statistics, fully a quarter of fatal accidents in work zones involve a large truck. Whether the truck driver, another driver, the construction company, or all of the above were responsible for your accident, we can help.

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