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Protecting the Rights of Victims Injured by Defective Products

Product liability law establishes the duties of companies that make products available to the public and the rights of consumers injured by unsafe products. When consumers suffer from the use of a product – whether the damage is physical, emotional, or financial – they have the right to file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer, distributor, and / or retailer responsible for the defective product. Your eligibility to pursue compensation for your damages will depend on the circumstances of your case.

Claims for defective products can be filed for the following reasons:

  • Defective design – an inherent flaw in a product’s design may render it defective, and therefore dangerous to consumers, no matter how it is constructed.
  • Defect during manufacturing – Manufacturing defects refer to mistakes made during the manufacturing process that make an otherwise safe product dangerous. Examples of manufacturing defects include poor workmanship and sub-standard materials.
  • Defects with marketing – Products marketed in inappropriate ways can lead to improper use and injuries. Failures to warn users about potential dangers are also considered marketing defects.

Our legal team can conduct a thorough investigation of your case, often with the help of other experts in the field, to collect and secure evidence in your favor. The legal system implements measures to protect the rights of consumers, and we apply these laws directly to the facts of your case so to hold at-fault parties responsible.

We regularly represent consumers injured by defective children’s products, defective vehicles and auto parts, defective bicycle helmets, defective grills, and other unsafe products. We also represent victims injured by recalled products, as well as families whose loved ones have passed away from the use of deadly products.

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Our Washington, DC personal injury lawyers have spent years developing the skills needed to protect the rights of consumers injured by defective products. We have the resources and determination to fight back against even the most powerful corporate entities and we provide our clients’ cases with the versatility that comes with being able to secure positive case outcomes.

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