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Rideshare services have become a popular form of transportation across the U.S. With smart phone applications like Uber and Lyft, users enjoy a convenient and affordable way to get where they need to go. While they may pay a fee in exchange for a ride, those rides do not always end at their final destination – some end in car accidents, injuries, or even death.

At Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., our Washington, DC uber accident attorneys represent victims who have suffered harm and losses in preventable accidents – including wrecks involving Uber and Lyft. Because Uber and Lyft are unique services, they introduce issues different from other types of car accidents, especially in terms of liability and insurance coverage. To address these issues effectively and ensure that a thorough and compelling case is developed, it is important to work with proven lawyers.

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Legal Issues in Uber / Lyft Accidents

The unique structure of services like Uber and Lyft create legal issues that must be carefully addressed in civil claims seeking compensation for injuries and losses. These issues include:

Liability – Because Uber and Lyft classify their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, they are able to dispute or deny liability for accidents and injuries caused by their drivers. Some of the issues that often arise are whether a driver is driving on their own time when they are not using the Uber or Lyft application; whether Uber or Lyft is responsible when the driver is using the app but not transporting a fare; and whether Uber or Lyft is responsible when a driver is en route to pick up a fare. As a result, the circumstances surrounding the accident and whether or not a driver is considered “on duty” must be closely evaluated in order to determine who is liable (whether it be the company and / or its driver, or another motorist).

Insurance Coverage – Insurance coverage is important in any auto accident case, but in those involving Uber and Lyft, there are different factors involved. For example, rideshare services like Uber structure their insurance policies differently depending on what the driver was doing at the time and how you were injured:

  • You were a passenger – If you were injured as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft, you are covered under the rideshare’s commercial insurance, which is typically a $1 million policy. You are not only covered for accidents caused by the Uber or Lyft driver, but also accidents caused by other motorists, if they are negligent. Depending on the individual circumstances involved, injured passengers may recover from the rideshare’s insurance, an at-fault motorist’s insurance, or both.
  • You were driving another vehicle – If you were driving your own personal vehicle and were injured in a crash caused by an Uber or Lyft driver, insurance coverage will vary depending on what the driver was doing (this is due to drivers being independent contractors). For example, if the rideshare driver was actively transporting a customer when they caused your wreck, you will be covered by the service’s commercial insurance policy. However, if the Lyft or Uber driver was using the app but did not have a customer in their vehicle, you may need to seek compensation through the rideshare’s contingent policy and /or the driver’s personal auto insurance. If the driver who caused your wreck drives for Uber and Lyft but was not using the app at the time of the crash, you must seek compensation through their personal insurance.

These issues create many moving parts and special concerns when it comes to filing personal injury or wrongful death claims, and when it comes to taking the right steps after an Uber or Lyft accident. That’s why they demand the attention of lawyers who have experience in auto accident cases and accidents involving rideshare apps. Our Uber accident lawyers have this experience, as we focus exclusively on personal injury law, and can provide the support and representation you need to address them.

Insurance Companies Want to Pay You Less

Whether you seek compensation through Uber, Lyft, or a driver’s personal insurance, you must be aware that insurance companies do all they can to pay you less – if anything at all. As a firm that has been helping victims and families level the playing field with insurance companies and corporations that put their profits over the well-being of people, we know full and fair compensation is something that must be fought for and earned – not something that is automatically awarded.

Knowing our clients depend on financial recoveries to cover their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages, we work diligently to investigate, establish fault and liability, and build the strong and convincing claims needed to win. Over the years, we have proven our ability to help victims when they need it most, and have recovered over half a billion in compensation for our clients.

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