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Intersections are considered some of the most dangerous places on public roadways. This is generally because intersections play host to multiple vehicles traveling in different directions, as well as turn lanes, multiple signals or signs, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

With the amount of traffic constantly flowing through these junctions, intersection accidents happen all the time, especially when motorists fail to uphold their duty to pay attention and drive safely.

Intersection Accident Statistics

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 40% of motor vehicle accidentsoccur at intersections or are intersection related. The larger an intersection is, the greater the potential for accidents, injuries, and death. The Federal Highway Association (FHWA) estimates that 2.3 million intersection accidents occur each year in the United States.

Traffic crash data from both the federal government and the District Department of Transportation further prove that intersections are dangerous places.

These statistics also analyze common factors that cause intersection accidents, including:

  • Running Red Lights – Red light running, or running a stop sign, is the most common cause of intersection collisions. Motorists who fail to see a red light or speed up to make the light commonly cause serious accidents with other vehicles and pedestrians. Red light running accounts for a high percentage of side impact and head-on collisions.
  • Failing to Yield – Failing to yield at intersections, especially when more than two vehicles are involved, causes numerous motor vehicle accidents, as well as many bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Many intersection accidents also involve drivers making left turns who fail to yield to oncoming drivers.
  • Unsafe Lane Changes, Speeding & Reckless Driving – All of these driver behaviors place others at risk, and more so at intersections. These behaviors make it less likely for drivers to stop at red lights or notice nearby motorists or pedestrians.
  • Driver Distraction – Distracted driving is a problem on every type of roadway. At intersections, taking your attention away from driving for even the briefest time can result in serious collisions, including those involving rear-end crashes and red light running.
  • Drunk Driving Accidents – Being intoxicated slows a driver’s reaction time, which can be costly at intersections where drivers must react to signals. A large percentage of impaired driving accidents happen at intersections.

According to data, most intersection accidents are caused by drivers. When it can be shown that another motorist acted negligently, violated a traffic law, or failed in any way to drive safely, they may be held liable for the damages victims suffer.

DC Metro Area Intersections

As a bustling metropolitan area, DC sees far too many intersection accidents. According to the District Department of Transportation, DC intersections with the highest crash rates include:

  • New York Avenue & Bladensburg Road NE
  • New York Avenue & North Capitol Street
  • 14th & U Street
  • Wisconsin Avenue & M Street NW
  • 19th Street & Independence Avenue SE
  • 7th Street & H Street NW

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