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Bus accident lawsuits are much more complex than a typical auto accident lawsuit. Not only are there often multiple injured parties and serious injuries, there are usually multiple responsible parties as well.

Government entities, such as public schools or transportation departments may also be involved, meaning that different procedures and different time limits may apply when filing a personal injury lawsuit.

At Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., our injury attorneys have a proven record of success helping victims and their families recover full financial compensation after being harmed in bus accidents. We understand the difficulties involved with these cases, and we know the investigations and strategies it takes to win them.

We handle all types of bus accidents cases, including those involving:

  • Public transit
  • Interstate travel buses
  • School and chartered buses
  • Driver negligence and error
  • Negligent hiring
  • Vehicle defects
  • FMCSA safety violations

All cases are unique. When it comes to bus accidents, different laws and procedures apply to different types of buses, and to cases where different parties may be responsible for the accident and victims’ injuries. Our legal team takes the time to evaluate and plan effectively to put our clients in the best position to recover the maximum compensation possible, no matter how complex the case may be.

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Responsible Parties

Bus accident victims have the right to pursue compensation from the at-fault party that caused their damages. Responsible parties can vary from case to case, and in some instances multiple parties may be at fault. Additionally, victims can sue government entities that operate public transportation. However, these cases can involve strict time limits and rules and leave no room for error.

Our team is prepared to help clients file claims agains:

  • Local governments
  • Mass transit systems
  • School districts
  • Bus companies
  • Bus drivers
  • Other drivers

School Bus Accidents

Many parents believe that a school bus is the safest mode of transportation to get their child to school. However, thousands of children are injured and about 26 die each year in school bus accidents. School bus accident cases usually involve government entities, making them more complicated than regular auto accident lawsuits.

Factors that are unique to school bus accidents:

  • Loading and Unloading – Most school bus accident wrongful deaths do not occur in vehicle to vehicle collisions. About 80% of children killed in school bus accidents are struck when boarding or exiting the bus. Some are hit by passing cars, while others are struck by the school bus itself.
  • Fatal School Bus Crashes – In vehicle to vehicle collisions, the school bus nearly always has many more passengers than the other vehicle involved. However, due to the weight and size of school buses, about 70% of people killed are occupants of other vehicles.
  • No Seat Belts – The majority of school buses do not have seat belts. Some do, but in most areas there is no law requiring that the students actually wear them. This is slowly changing as groups of concerned citizens push for seat belt requirements in school buses.

School buses run in all kinds of weather and often in disrepair. Many of the underlying causes of school bus accidents are economic. Due to the nature of public school funding, many schools are too hesitant to close in dangerous weather. Maintenance and upgrades can be very costly.

The grim reality is that, rather than putting your child’s safety first, many schools weigh the cost of the upgrade against the potential cost of a lawsuit, should there be an accident, and choose the cheapest option.

When schools are held financially responsible for these accidents, it actually changes the way that they and other schools calculate financial risk and encourages schools to use safer practices.

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Bus drivers and their employers are legally bound to a greater standard of care than drivers of passenger vehicles. Negligence and wrongdoing on the part of bus drivers and their employers is not taken lightly by the courts, but bus companies, government entities, and insurance companies have the resources to put up a hard fight. You can level the playing field by working with a proven legal team that has over 90 years of combined experience.

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