CSCS Recovers $315,000 for Bus Accident Victim

by | Jul 25, 2011

Our DC personal injury lawyers at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. were recently successful in recovering a $315,000 settlement on behalf of a man who suffered serious injuries after being hit and run over by a bus.

Our client was on a bus trip with his local lodge. The bus stopped at a rest stop, and parked in an area in which buses were prohibited. Our client, along with many of the other passengers got off the bus. The bus then decided to back-up, out of the prohibited area. In the process of doing that bus struck our client and ran over him breaking multiple bones in his leg, and causing other serious injuries.

The bus driver denied that he struck our client, and there were no witnesses who saw the bus strike our client. In fact, there were witnesses who were still on the bus, who said that they did not feel anything when the bus was backing up. There was also a witness who was watching from the sidewalk who testified that she saw an unidentifiedtractor-trailer driving through the parking lot shortly before our client was found lying on the parking lot. The police found that there was not enough evidence to link the bus to the incident, and did not press charges against the bus driver, or even issue a ticket.

However, CSCS was not discouraged. We retained an expert accident reconstructionist who collected the evidence from the police. He discovered that there were tire tracks on our client’s pants, which matched the tires on the bus. He also reconstructed the accident, and was able to determine that the tire knocked our client down, before it ran over him, and it was unlikely that the people on a bigcommercial bus would have felt the impact with a 200 pound man. The insurance company, of course, hired their own expert, who concluded that the tire marks did not match, and contended that the law firm would never be able to prove that the bus hit our client, in the absence of eyewitness testimony. The case settled at mediation.

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