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What it Takes to Make a Slip-and-Fall Case

By: Matthew Tievsky

Imagine you are on someone else’s property, such as a convenience store. While on the property, you slip on some sort of liquid on the ground that you did not see, and injure yourself. Can you hold the property owner liable?

DC Slip and Fall Lawyer

In the District of Columbia, you can successfully sue the property owner, generally under one of two conditions. First, an employee of the property owner put the substance there – e.g., the substance was a cleaning liquid that was left there by someone who was cleaning the convenience store for the property owner. The second possibility is that the substance was left by someone else (such as a customer) but was on the ground for so long, that the property owner or someone working for the owner should have seen the substance and cleaned it up.

When there is a slip-and-fall on a foreign substance, it is not always easy to determine what the substance is; who put it there; or how long it has been there. But these are crucial questions that usually need to be answered if for you to successfully prove your case. That’s why if you or someone you know suffers a slip-and-fall, it is crucial to immediately get as much detail as possible about how the fall happened, what was on the ground to cause the accident, where the substance came from, and how long it was on the ground, as well as to get witnesses’ information, and make a prompt report to the property owner.

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