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Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Washington, DC

Fighting for Full and Fair Compensation

As a legal concept, catastrophic injury refers to any physical damages that result in the need for serious, long-term, and / or lifelong medical care. In many cases, catastrophic injuries are life-changing, causing debilitating limitations or disabilities. In addition to being painful, catastrophic injuries also can impact the lives of victims and their loved ones in numerous and profound ways.

From extensive financial expenses such as medical bills to deep emotional damages and a loss in one’s quality of life, these serious injuries elevate the need for full and fair compensation. Having worked with many catastrophically injured victims and their families since our firm was first founded more than 45 years ago, our Washington, DC catastrophic injury lawyers know full well the stakes involved in these cases.

Some examples of the common types of catastrophic injury cases our firm handles include:

Whatever you case may entail, we are prepared to fight relentlessly and 
aggressively on your behalf. Contact us today! We offer FREE case consultations.

Recovering Your Damages

Although we tailor our strategies around the specific circumstances involved in your case, our primary goal is always to secure the maximum compensation possible. In order to accomplish this, we draw from more than 90 years of combined experience to conduct investigations that secure evidence needed to establish liability of the at-fault party and the extent of your damages.

Although cases vary, we strive to secure the following types of compensation as applicable to each unique situation:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost work wages and future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Grief, mental anguish, and other emotional damages
  • All economic damages incurred as the result of an accident and / or injury

In addition to recovering these damages, our legal team also works to secure punitive damages when necessary. While punitive damages are not awarded in every case, they can allow victims to maximize their compensation while further punishing wrongdoers for gross acts of negligence and / or intentional misconduct.

By using our extensive litigation and personal injury law experience, our Washington, DC catastrophic injury attorneys can present clear and convincing evidence that attests to the at-fault party’s negligence or misconduct and secure the maximum compensation possible.

Compassionate and Highly Experienced Washington, DC Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. is a law firm that draws from a depth of experience and skills. Our firm’s lawyers work collectively to act as an attentive support system that guides victims and families through these difficult times. We always make ourselves available to our clients and we always fight aggressively on their behalf.

If your loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury caused by another, then this is your opportunity to work with a firm that truly cares about your needs and about helping you obtain justice and full compensation. 


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