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Takata Finally Expands Recall Nationwide

By: Allan M. Siegel

After fighting with the Department of Transportation for the last year, Takata has finally agreed to expand its recall of airbag inflators to all 50 states. It is also going to expand its recall to include more vehicles, recalling defective airbags in almost 34 million vehicles. Takata and the 10 affected automakers have yet to find a definitive cause for the defect that causes the airbag inflators to break apart due to excessive pressure – sending shrapnel into the faces and bodies of passengers and drivers in automobile crashes.

Since the recall began, Takata has detonated almost 27,000 airbag inflators from recalled cars. The failure rates have been much higher than Takata originally disclosed when it testified before Congress, and Honda and Toyota drivers are most at risk of the defect. Driver’s-side airbags in 2004 – 2007 Toyota Corolla and Matrix models and 2004 – 2007 Honda Accord models, had the highest failure rates, at 2.16 percent. That means that for the 5.2 million vehicles made in those model years, one in 46 have a defective airbag. Passenger-side airbag inflators in 2001-2006 Honda Civics and 2003 Accords had .51-perecent failure rates. Faulty inflators affecting BMW, Chrysler, and other automakers had failure rates of .07 and .9 percent.

Airbag Recall Lawsuit

To date Takata has admitted that it knows of 63 airbag inflators that ruptured in crashes in the U.S., with at least six fatalities, all of them in Honda vehicles, and 139 injuries. Despite Takata increasing production of replacement parts to 450,000 parts per month, recall repairs and replacements have slow, with only 12 percent of the 17 million cars affected in the U.S. already recalled having been fixed.

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