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Police Investigating DC Rabbi Discover More Cameras, Concerned Rabbi May Have Spied on Towson Students

By: Allan M. Siegel

DC Rabbi Barry Freundel, a prominent Jewish leader and religious studies professor, made international headlines when he was arrested earlier this month and charged for voyeurism. At the time of his arrest, it was alleged that Freundel had been secretly recording female members of his synagogue – Kesher Israel – as they used a ritual bath.

Barry Freundel Invasion of Privacy

Since the arrest, authorities have discovered additional evidence at Freundel's Towson University office to support the charges against him. According to court documents, officers found a number of hidden cameras concealed in everyday objects – such as a computer charger, a clock, and a tissue box – as well as an empty box that once contained a micro camera hidden in a key chain.

In addition to the surveillance equipment, authorities also turned up memory cards and flash drives that could store hundreds of thousands of images and more than 25,000 hours of video. A picture of a nude woman and a handwritten list of names were also discovered in Freundel's office.

Freundel was an assistant professor of Rabbinics and a Rabbinic Studies Graduate Program Adviser at Towson University. With the latest discovery of cameras, authorities are investigating whether Freundel may have also been using them to spy on students, in addition to congregants of his synagogue who use the ritual bath, or mikvah. It is reported that Freundel had invited students at Towson to use the mikvah.

Although the case is still under investigation by both police and school officials, the new information has continued to spark widespread concern. DC authorities have also confirmed that they found six images of female congregants in a clock radio hidden camera placed in the mikvah, as well as other cameras and storage devices at Freundel's home. The latest discoveries could result in additional charges against Freundel.

Partners Ira Sherman and Allan M. Siegel are keeping close track of this case. As members of the Jewish faith, they are particularly concerned about the breach of trust allegedly committed by this Rabbi. They are committed to assisting victims in a way that respects the faith, and the victim's privacy. For more information about your rights and how our Washington, DC invasion of privacy attorneys may be able to help, contact us for a free, confidential consultation.