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How Can I Keep My Baby Safe From Drowning?

baby swimming safety

Summertime is in full swing and pool parties are being thrown left and right. Having a young infant or small child in the vicinity of pools that may be attended by a distracted parent can cause a great deal of stress. While water safety should always be diligently practiced, parents can now use a new tool called Infant Self Rescue (ISR). ISR classes teach children as young as six months that if they fall in the poll they should swim to the surface, roll over on their backs, support themselves to stay afloat safely, and then start crying for help.

Videos of this practice can be found all over YouTube. One video even shows a young boy, approximately 18 months, happily paddling along underwater, he then rolls over on his back, simulates crying for a bit, then rolls back over, paddles a bit, and repeats the process. Parents have long used baby swimming lessons to help get infants accustomed to the pool, but the proper survival techniques can change a simple swimming lesson into something that may save your baby's life. Please remember that proper water safety includes proper supervision near pools, pool fences with secure self-locking gates, alarms on all windows or doors that can be used to access backyard pools, an adult on hand who is trained in CPR, and ISR swimming lessons. To see an example of ISR techniques check out this video