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Better Pay System For Truck Drivers

Truck drivers often get a bad rap because collisions with tractor trailers can cause such tragic and fatal accidents. While many truck drivers do not properly follow safety regulations regarding maximum hours, breaks, and securement of cargo, many others are honest and contentious workers trying to earn a living for their families. Even for the latter category, however, the pay structure for truck drivers still sets a weary trap. Truck drivers are paid by the mile, which has many unfavorable consequences.

If the drivers are stuck in traffic, loading or unloading cargo, or servicing the vehicle, they are not getting paid. Truck drivers are not given their schedules ahead of time. If they are sent to one city to drop of cargo, they may not know if they will be hauling cargo on the return trip that takes them well out of their was. This makes it difficult to plan a sleep and rest schedule. The drivers are often on extremely tight deadlines and under pressure by their employers to be on time or even early.

The drivers know that if they do not break the rules to make the employers happy, there are a dozen other drivers lined up to fill their shoes. Drivers also never know when they are going to be offered work, so they have to take whatever comes when it comes. This can mean driving through exhaustion and then being out of work for long periods of time. This pay system rewards drivers who break the rules, drive too fast, and do not take proper breaks. One of the best ways to reform safety in the trucking industry may be to start with reforming the pay structure for truck drivers.