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Texas Sets Highest Speed Limit In U.S.

On August 30, Texas approved a new speed limits for its toll road between Austin and San Antonio.  The 41 mile stretch of road will have a speed limit of 85 mph, which surpasses the current high of 70 mph found on the Ohio Turnpike.  Safety experts fear that this will cause other states to push their speed limits up as well.  As we have previously mentioned in this blog, highway traffic fatalities are still the most dangerous category of accidents statistically.  The current safety advancements are just not enough to prove helpful in high-speed crashes.  It is projected that drivers will likely drive at actual speeds of 90-95 mph, and drivers will have little chance of actually surviving crashes at that speed.  A spokesman for the new toll road insists that the difference with the Texas highway is that it is designed and tested for high speeds, and that similarly well-designed roads have seen decreases in traffic fatalities.  As the money for government sponsored roads dwindles, states need to find ways to provide funding for themselves.  Toll roads, which offer premium services like higher speeds, will not only attract traffic and please customers, but they will pay for themselves.  It remains to be seen what the new speed limit's actual effect will be on Texas road safety.  However, hopefully drivers will appreciate how much harder it is to survive high-speed crashes, and not push past 85 mph limit.