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Federal Transportation Officials Shutdown 26 Bus Companies

For years, the media, as well as our firm, have reported on safety issues within the bus industry.  Now, exactly a year after a bus crash on I-95 in Virginia, involving multiple fatalities, U.S. Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, has taken significant steps to protect the safety of bus passengers.  Transportation officials shut down 26 bus companies on the East Coast, which pickup curbside and do not operate from legitimate stations.  These bus companies entice customers with cheap fair and wireless internet, but fail to abide by safety regulations.   Three of the primary enterprises, which own the majority of the 26  bus companies, have been accused of deliberately dodging safety laws.  It is reported that these companies have failed to maintain the safety of their buses, hired drivers without licenses, and allowed drivers to work longer shifts than safety standards allow.  Most of the 26 companies that were shut down had routes that included Chinatown in New York City.  The Transportation Secretary clearly put all bus companies on notice saying, "follow rules and keep people safe or we will shut you down."  This is the single largest motor vehicle safety measure ever taken, and it is a positive step towards protecting the safety of bus passengers throughout the United States.