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Matthew W. Tievsky Wins Substantial Award in His First Trial on Damages

Our client was driving through an intersection  when the Defendant, who was driving in the opposite direction, attempted a left turn in front of our client without yielding the right of way.  Their two vehicles collided, and our client was injured with strains to his neck, back, and ankle.  Our client suffered losses of several thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages, as well as lasting back pain.  Although the Defendant admitted fault, his insurance carrier did not make an offer to settle the case that the client or Matthew W. Tievsky, the firm's newest associate, considered to be fair.  Accordingly, Mr. Tievsky took the case to trial for his first trial on damages, and obtained an award of $21,598.26, exceeding the insurance carrier's final offer by more than $5,500.