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More Problems For Metro

A Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority Train ( WMATA or METRO) train derailed on February 12, 2010. The train was on the red line and had just left the Farrugut North metro station. The train derailed at approximately 10:15 a.m., causing 345 passengers to be stranded underground for approximately an hour. This is just the latest incident involving safety lapses at metro causing injuries and death on the capital's subway system. The incidents include the deadly June 22, 2009 red line crash that killed nine people, and injured many others. The law firm represents the family of one of the individuals that died, as well as an individual that was injured in that crash. In addition, in the last seven months five metro workers have been killed on the tracks. According to Metro, this latest incident caused injuries to three passengers. It has been reported that this incident was precipitated by the Metro train operator failing to stop at a red traffic signal on the main track. The National Transportation Board (NTSB) is now investigating this incident. This is the most recent of multiple ongoing NTSB investigations into Metro's operations. In fact, there will be NTSB hearings related to the June22, 2009 train crash in Washington, D.C. starting on February 23, 2010. Representatives from the law firm will be present at these hearings, and will be following them very closely.

The latest incident demonstrates that Metro is continuing to have safety problems which are jeopardizing the safety and well being of the individuals that ride the trains every day. If you have any questions regarding any of the Metro incidents, or if you were involved in any of these incidents and want to inquire about your rights, do not hesitate to call our expert train lawyers.