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Law firm retained in nine separate cases involving pedestrians struck while in the cross walk or in other positions of safety.

Many of you are aware, that the law firm has been hired by the family of a six year old boy struck and killed by an inattentive driver while he was crossing, in a crosswalk, and with a green walk sign. The two cousins of the deceased child were eyewitnesses to the event and were the first people by his side. Unfortunately, these two little boys were present to hear the last words of their cousin and to suffer the consequences of observing this tragic event. The firm represents the family of the deceased minor and the two children eyewitnesses who were in the "zone of danger" and suffered compensable harm. These cases are in suit.

The law firm also represents two individuals struck by a vehicle that ran into a crowd of revelers at the Unifest Street Festival in the Spring of 2007. Both of these cases are about to be put into suit.

Other cases involving serious injuries to pedestrians include a person crossing a street, in the crosswalk with a walk sign outside of Union Station. He was tragically struck at a high speed by a taxi cab. This case, which is currently in suit, seeks not only the insurance policy limits of the taxi cab, which is a $25,000 minimum policy, but all of the insurance available from the company whose "flag" the taxi cab was flying under as well as the underinsured motorist coverage.

Another pedestrian case involves a minor child struck while crossing the street to catch a bus, while another involves a minor child walking along the street after getting off the school bus.

Other cases of pedestrians struck down while crossing the street include a minor child who suffered a severe brain injury that interrupted her high school career.

The law firm is aggressively pursuing each of these claims and will continue to keep you informed of their progress.

by Ira Sherman, Esq.