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Allan Siegel: After someone’s involved in a car accident. Most importantly, you need to document what is happening at the scene. If you can take pictures of the vehicles before they get moved, it’s very important if anyone tries to claim later that something else happened. You have a documented by photographs. If you are injured, then it’s important that you get medical treatment. Sometimes clients think, Oh, well, I didn’t break a bone, I should be fine. And they ignore pain and discomfort and injuries in the hope that it’s going to get better. And when it doesn’t get better, the first thing that the insurance company will argue is they must not be hurt because they didn’t go to a doctor quick enough. So if you’re feeling pain, if you’re feeling discomfort, it’s important to get medical attention. So I always recommend to clients that they get medical attention relatively quickly. Instead of ignoring what are injuries, that could turn out to be more, much more serious later down the road. I would recommend that you speak to somebody before speaking to the insurance company, because you need to find out what your rights are. You need to find out what you’re entitled to. And you need to find out what you should and shouldn’t say so that you don’t end up saying something that could harm you. Somewhere down the road.

Ira Sherman: When you an insurance company, the only way to make the most money possible is to reduce the payout to people who counted on you to pay them a fair amount when they called on you. Now the advertisements are geared to assuring you that when you need them, they’ll be there. You’re in their hands and they’re good hands. But the truth is, they’re not always good hands. The hands that were in the ad, the good hands in the air somehow don’t usually show up when you need them. The hands that are the stingy hands show up because they’re the hands that really run the corporate psychology and what the corporation needs. And that is to pay the least possible amount because the least possible amount results in the greatest possible profit.

Joseph Cammarata: If you’re injured or a loved one or a friend is injured and you’re looking for a lawyer, I want you to know that you can pick up the phone. You can call us 24 hours a day. We will respond. We will give you a free consultation. We will help you understand what the process will be, what it is that you should do in terms of moving yourself forward and ultimately getting the proper medical attention that you need and dealing with the insurance companies.

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