DC Brain Injury Attorney Joe Cammarata Comments on NHL Concussion Lawsuit

by | Dec 10, 2013

Earlier this year, the National Football League (NFL) settled a massive lawsuit with former players and families involving the long-term impact of traumatic brain injuries. Since that time, professional players from different sports have stepped forward to seek legal recourse against leagues and organizations that failed to properly address risks associated with concussions and head injuries. Hockey players from the NHL are the latest.

Concussion Lawsuit Continues to Grow

On Monday, November 25, 10 former hockey players filed a class-action lawsuit against the National Hockey League, claiming that the NHL is responsible for long-term damages experienced by athletes. Claimants have alleged that the NHL failed to properly handle player concussions and other player safety issues throughout the years. Since the lawsuit was filed, it has grown to more than 200 former players. Legal experts and those involved in the lawsuit believe that this number will continue to grow.

In a recent article in the Denver Post, our firm’s very own Attorney Joseph Cammarata shared his insight about the lawsuit, as he has handled many cases involving brain injuries and is President and founder of the Brain Injury Association of the District of Columbia:

Compensation for Former Players

The NHL lawsuit is designed to recover compensation, create medical monitoring programs, and protect the safety of both former and current athletes. By holding the league accountable, players can obtain the assistance needed to navigate lives that have forever been changed by chronic head injuries. Additionally, increased awareness and scrutiny of the NHL’s policies will hopefully lead to a focus on player safety and changes that not only protect athletes during games and careers, but also long after they have hung up their skates.

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