Partner Allan M. Siegel Lectures Across the Country On How to Win Cases Involving Brain Injuries

by | Dec 15, 2023

Partner Allan M. Siegel was invited by the Michigan Association of Justice to speak to their members on how to handle brain injury cases. He was asked to discuss how to effectively prove brain injury cases at trial in light of the fact that these injuries are often “invisible injuries.” In other words, the victim of a brain injury often looks normal and there are often no visible signs of a brain injury on any diagnostic tests. In fact, one of the most common brain injuries suffered by our clients is a concussion, which cannot be diagnosed by a standard MRI or CT Scan.

The presentation was so well received, Mr. Siegel was invited to make the same presentation to a different group of personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Siegel has been handling cases involving brain injuries for over 25 years. He was recently elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the American Association for Justice’s Brain Injury Litigation Group.

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