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Brain Injuries

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Joseph Cammarata: The Brain Injury Association of America is a national organization devoted to promote the interests of those people who have suffered a brain injury. The Brain Injury Association of America has a board of directors. Ira Sherman is a member of the board of Directors. In addition, there are local affiliates throughout the United States that are associated with the Brain Injury Association of America. Ira and I co-founded the Brain Injury Association of Washington, D.C. I’m the president of that organization. Mr. Sherman is the vice president.

Ira Sherman: The benefit to working with a law firm such as ours is that we don’t only have our eye on the ball of getting compensation for our client. But but by taking this unfortunate circumstance that you or your loved one went through and trying to make structural changes within the District of Columbia system, whatever that may be, or whatever the system is that caused the injury.

Allan M. Siegel: If you suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, nobody can see it. It’s not anything usually that you can show on an MRI, but yet it affects people’s lives. It alters the way they think. It alters their personality. It affects their mood. Affects their daily life. Affects their work. And it’s important if you have a brain injury, that you hire a law firm that understands these types of injuries.

Joseph Cammarata: We here at the law firm have the experience to be able to completely and fully understand the nature and the extent of the brain injury, which is a complex injury. And we are totally, totally competent and able to articulate just what the nature and the effect of that injury is on a person’s life and well-being. We have clients that would support us in and say that, yes, we bring those resources to the table and we have results that we’ve achieved for other clients that are proof of that. Our ability to understand the injury and our ability to articulate it in a meaningful way that provides full and complete justice, full and complete compensation for our clients.

Brain Injuries

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