Partner Allan Siegel Wins $700,000 Settlement

by | Dec 12, 2022

In most of our cases we are making claims that are covered by insurance. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances when the compensation our clients deserve far outweighs the amount of insurance available. However, we never leave any stone unturned in our quest to obtain complete justice for our clients.

To that end, Partner Allan Siegel recently obtained a $700,000 settlement, in which the wrongdoer made a significant contribution of his own money. Our client suffered serious injuries. Mr. Siegel had an investigation of the at-fault party’s assets conducted which revealed that the wrongdoer was going to be receiving a significant inheritance. Upon learning of the wrongdoer’s expected inheritance, Mr. Siegel refused to accept the insurance company’s policy limits offer of $250,000, and our client was prepared to go to trial to obtain a fair verdict against the wrongdoer. However, facing the prospect of a jury trial, the wrongdoer’s counsel requested that the parties attempt to settle the case by submitting to mediation. Ultimately, the wrongdoer agreed to contribute an additional $450,000, above the insurance company’s policy limits, bringing the total settlement to $700,000, ensuring our client received fair compensation for his injuries.

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