Joe Cammarata shares his feedback on Kyle Rittenhouse’s recent Depp-Heard statement

by | Jun 7, 2022

CSCS Partner Joe Cammarata shared his feedback on Kyle Rittenhouse’s latest comments regarding the Johnny Depp & Amber Heard verdict, linking the verdict to Kyle Rittenhouse’s own defamation claims.  Rittenhouse was acquitted in November of 2021 of shooting three people, and killing two of them during the racial protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Joe Cammarata called the Depp-Heard case a, “Very, very unique situation” and goes on to tell Rolling Stone Rittenhouse’s comment was ‘a bit naive’. 

Joe Cammarata has represented several Bill Cosby accusers in their successful defamation case against the comedian, and goes on to say about the latest Kyle Rittenhouse comments. “For [Rittenhouse] to say, ‘Johnny won and therefore it emboldens me’ is a bit naïve. Each case has its own set of facts, players, and law,” he tells Rolling Stone.

With the Depp-Heard case, “we had two extremely public figures. They’re stars. It’s sex, drugs, and rock & roll. It replaced the afternoon soap operas. It had witnesses with panache, with a little edge to them. They had personalities,” he said. “We’re not going to have another one of these types of cases for a long time, presumably a lifetime.”

To read the full article, visit the Rolling Stones article here


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