Uber Rolls Out App Updates to Improve Driver Safety

by | Jul 18, 2016

Over the next few weeks Uber will be introducing some significant updates to the version of its app used by drivers. The new features are designed to improve driver safety. The app will notify drivers when they should take a break, alert drivers of their speed, and remind drivers to place their phones in dash or window mounts. The app will also include surveillance features to keep track of when a driver takes calls, composes text messages, or even when the driver moves or touches the device. Eventually, Uber hopes to incorporate speeding alerts that will track local speed limits by GPS.

To provide a comprehensive view of all of the tracking data, Uber will send out daily reports to their drivers detailing their performance and its comparison to other local Uber drivers. Uber drivers working in the District of Columbia will not receive the daily reports in this latest series of updates, but they will eventually have access to these reports in the future. However, all of the other features will be available do D.C. Uber drivers.

Along with the announcement of its latest safety updates, Uber is also touting its role in decreasing drunk driving incidents. In particular, Uber sited a report released by the Atlanta Police Department showing that from 2010-2015 drunk driving arrests fell from 2,243 to 1,535, marking a significant decline of 32%. The Atlanta Police Department has not commented about Uber’s claims, but during that time period Uber experienced a surge of new customers who now regularly use the system throughout Altanta. Uber has also partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to raise awareness about the hazards of driving while intoxicated. We hope that these new safety updates will lead to safer roadways for everyone across the country.

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