Partner Joseph Cammarata Discusses Role as Paula Jones’ Attorney in President Clinton’s Sexual Harassment Scandal on HLN

by | Jan 15, 2018

Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. Partner Joseph Cammarata recently appeared on HLN’s two-hour daily news program Michaela to share his insight on a story regarding former President Bill Clinton’s infamous sexual harassment scandal, in which he played a role as an attorney for Paula Jones. HLN aired a special report on the topic on Sunday 12/10 at 9:00 pm ET. Mr. Cammarata was also be part of that special.

During his appearance on Michaela, Mr. Cammarata spoke about the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding Bill Clinton during his Presidency, including his affair with Monica Lewinsky and sexual assault allegations made against him by Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee who worked with Mr. Clinton while he was Governor of Arkansas.

Mr. Cammarata shared his insight in the matter, having served as co-counsel for Paula Jones in a sexual harassment lawsuit against Mr. Clinton. The lawsuit against the then-President was a major undertaking, and one that precipitated his impeachment in December of 1998. After Clinton and his defense team pushed to delay the case until he was no longer in office, the lawsuit eventually reached the Supreme Court of the United States, where Mr. Cammarata and co-counsel were successful in winning a unanimous ruling against the President to allow the lawsuit to proceed.

As Mr. Cammarata tells Michaela Pereira, the Clinton investigation would have likely been conducted differently in today’s social climate, where major strides have been made in discussing sexual harassment, assault, and mistreatment of women in the workplace, voicing criticism, and taking legal action. At that time, Mr. Cammarata states, silence, defense, denials, and character assassination of accusers were commonplace. This was precisely what happened in the Paula Jones case, which was inextricably linked to the Lewinsky scandal.

Watch Partner Joseph Cammarata’s recent segment on HLN below. He will also be a part of the upcoming HLN special report How it Really Happened with Hill Harper on Sunday.

Renewed attention to President Clinton’s sexual harassment scandal, and the December 10, 2017 HLN special which Mr. Cammarata appeared in, comes at a time when sexual misconduct has become a topic of fervent national conversation. This includes numerous allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault, often involving politicians, celebrities, and others of notable statute.

Mr. Cammarata and our legal team at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. have a long history of protecting the rights of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse victims. This includes Mr. Cammarata and our firm representing several women who claim they were sexually assaulted by comedian Bill Cosby in a pending defamation suit, as well as our firm’s role in a class-action lawsuit involving Rabbi Bernard Freundel, who was recently sentenced to prison for secretly filming women as they undressed and used a religious bath. We understand the difficult nature of these cases, and are happy to be part of larger conversations that can produce needed change. We are also available to help victims learn more about their rights when they look to pursue legal action. For a free consultation, contact us.

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