Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. Partner Joseph Cammarata to Testify Before the D.C. City Council

by | Dec 13, 2007

Joseph Cammarata, co-counsel with partner Ira Sherman in the Harris v. District of Columbia case, provided testimony involving the negligent care of Mr. Harris resulting in Mr. Harris successfully tearing both of his eyes out. The District of Columbia Council Member-at-Large Phil Mendelson , chairman of the Judiciary Committee, requested that the law firm participate in hearings held regarding legislation, introduced by Mr. Mendelson as well as ten other co-sponsors, prohibiting the District of Columbia from seeking reimbursement for services rendered to an individual institutionalized as a result of a finding of not guilty by reason of insanity when that individual is also the subject of negligent care. As many of you already know, this law firm has been instrumental in lobbying the District of Columbia City Council to stop Mayor Adrian Fenty from seeking reimbursement from Mr. Harris’ guardian for the cost of services rendered to him since 1973 when he was found guilty of a non-violent property claim by reason of insanity. Mr. Harris has been institutionalized ever since and there is little to no hope that he will ever be discharged from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital . Although the matter has successfully settled with a payment to Mr. Harris, the District of Columbia City Council, in its wisdom, continued to persevere in its effort to adopt legislature to stop this unfair effort on the part of the District of Columbia. We are proud of Mr. Cammarata’s participation in these hearings on behalf of the law firm. Mr. Cammarata’s testimony is attached:

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