Allan M. Siegel, Ashley Page Present WABA Bicycle Crash Workshop

by | Jan 30, 2018

On January 17th, Partner Allan M. Siegel and Associate Ashley Page presented at the Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s (WABA) workshop “What to Do After a Bike Crash.” This is the second time that Attorneys Siegel and Page have presented this workshop to Washington, D.C. metro area bicyclists.

After a bicycle crash, your adrenaline may be flowing or you may be in shock. Your inclination may be to apologize, brush it off, get back on the bike, and keep riding. These could be serious mistakes to make, and could interfere with your ability to obtain fair compensation if you are injured.

A few of the most basic tips include calling the police, exchanging information, collecting witness information, taking pictures for evidence, and seeking immediate medical attention. You should also not admit fault or apologize until you are absolutely certain of the facts. In some cases, a person may apologize and admit fault to a police officer on scene, only to realize later that they in fact had the right-of-way and were not at all at fault. This especially happens when a person may be disoriented or in shock after a crash.

Another tip is to avoid communication with the wrongdoer’s insurance company until you have consulted with a personal injury attorney, or until you are certain that you want to pursue the case on your own. The wrongdoer’s insurance company is looking out for the best interests of their company and their insured, and they will be diligently looking for holes or inconsistencies in your story.

To learn more about the information provided in the workshop please check out our eBook, “Top 10 Things to Do After a Bicycle Crash.” If you have specific questions please call or contact our firm to speak directly with an attorney for a free legal consultation.

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