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Extra Wide Load Accidents

Truck Accidents: Extra Wide Loads

Washington, DC Truck Accident Lawyers

According to state and federal law, trucks carrying a load wider than 8.5 feet are subject to special regulations and requirements. Most notably, a permit must be obtained from the state in order for a truck to carry an extra wide load, and special markings must be used on the load to ensure other motorists take precautions when maneuvering around these large trailers.

State Permit Requirements

State permits for extra wide loads come with certain restrictions. Most states (including Maryland and Virginia) will only allow trucks with extra wide loads to be on the roads during the day – from a half hour before sunrise, to a half hour after sunset. Travel at night is generally restricted for any load wider than 8.5 feet. The wider the load is, the stricter the travel window will be.

Additionally, if a load is extremely wide, the state may require one or more "escort" cars to accompany it, further isolating the trailer from the rest of traffic. This is all in an effort to prevent serious truck accidents from occurring. Unfortunately, many motor carriers ignore or shortcut these rules in order to save money and make a quicker delivery – putting other motorists in danger.

Dangers of Extra Wide Loads

Trucks carrying extra wide loads are usually transporting:

  • Mobile homes
  • Industrial machinery
  • Road construction equipment
  • Logging and mining equipment

All of these loads are also extraordinarily heavy. In fact, a fully loaded tractor-trailer that is carrying a wide load of industrial machinery can weight over 100,000 pounds, and fully loaded mining trucks often weigh close to 300,000 pounds.

At such excessive weights, a truck's braking system, steering system, and tires can all too easily become compromised or fail. If the truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the extra mass of the wide load will transfer a greater amount of energy to the smaller vehicle, making the impact much worse, and the chance of fatal injuries much higher.

Seek Legal Help

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident involving an extra wide load – or if your loved one has been killed – it is possible the trucking company was not operating under a permit, or was otherwise failing to abide by state trucking requirements.

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