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Icy Road Conditions

Staying Safe on Icy Roads

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Very few people will find themselves in the midst of a hurricane, tornado, or even flash flood, but almost everyone will have to face snow and ice. Icy road conditions and blowing snow create deadly road conditions. Bad visibility and no traction combine to have catastrophic consequences.

Black Ice

Black ice is a serious danger for motorists because drivers are typically unable to see that roadways are covered in ice or that they present any visible concerns. Combined with low visibility conditions during winter months, the presence of black ice can be a common cause for accidents.


Bridges present a unique danger when it comes to icy road conditions because they can ice up much faster than a regular road. This is due to the fact that bridges are exposed to cold air and whether on the top surface and underneath the bridge, whereas standard roads are not.

Bridges that freeze faster than the roads around them come with an element of surprise. When vehicles are approaching at high rates of speed and see no warning signs of wet or icy roads, they can enter onto an icy bridge unprepared, and may possible lose control.

Sport Utility Vehicles

Four-wheel drive SUVs with antilock brakes, and winter tires will not help a car faced with icy road conditions. While these technological advances save lives every day, when faced with black ice or an icy bridge, they may even exacerbate the problem by giving the driver a false sense of security.

If you drive in wet or icy conditions, there are a few things you can do to be better prepared:

  • Slow down
  • Be on the lookout for ice. If you see ice on signs, buildings, or guard rails, you should expect bridges to have ice on them as well.
  • Do not apply your brakes quickly and forcefully. When skidding or hydroplaning over ice or water, slamming on your breaks could make things worse.
  • Drive into the skid and turn into the direction of a skid.

Icy roads and snowy conditions cause many crashes, especially when drivers are unprepared or negligent.

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