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Child Seat Injuries

Defective Child Seats

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According to recent industry studies, around 80% of child car restraints on the market are produced without defects. Unfortunately, that leaves a full 20% of potentially ineffective child seats that are purchased by unsuspecting families. Every year, thousands of children are seriously injured or killed because defective child restraints failed to do their job during a car accident.

Child Seat Injury

Car accidents put every passenger at risk for an injury, but when a child restraint is defective, it can cause your child to suffer more severe injuries than they would have if the seat was functioning properly.

Some common car seat flaws that can endanger your child include:

  • Weak cushions or frames that come undone easily
  • Faulty latches that come apart too easily
  • Faulty strap adjusters that make the straps too tight or too loose
  • Straps that tear too easily due to low-quality materials

Although they seem minor, these defects can result in a small child being thrown from their seat, trapped in place, or even injured by the restraints themselves. If a defective child seat has turned your recent car accident into a medical emergency, our experienced Maryland car accident attorneys can help you hold the manufacturer accountable.

A Duty to Uphold Basic Safety Standards

Manufacturers of child car seats are obligated to put safety first when creating their products. Cutting corners in the manufacturing process, using cheap materials, or producing a sub-par design can all lead to a serious and preventable injury. When child seat manufacturers break the trust of their consumers, they can be held liable for any injuries your child has suffered as a result of their defective product.

Before you purchase a child car seat, be sure you consult the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)'s Child Passenger Safety Program for more information about consumer alerts and recalls.

If your child has been seriously injured by a defective car seat, please contact our experienced Washington, DC car accident lawyers today to schedule a free case evaluation. Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. represents defective product victims throughout the Washington, DC metro area.