Our Seamless Transition from a “Virtual” Law Firm to Coming Back to Business as Usual

by | Aug 25, 2021

A message from Senior Partner Ira Sherman

Spring and especially summer of 2021 will be remembered as a time when we began to breathe a little more freely again. The days of being sequestered in our homes, unable to go to the mall, to shop, and to go to restaurants, are becoming a picture in our rear-view mirror. However, we have learned a lot from the seclusion that the pandemic imposed on all of us. For instance, we have learned that we can have “face-to-face” meetings by clicking on a Zoom link. We now know that there are times when the inconvenience of driving to our office, with the complications of parking, can be avoided by the technology that became our prevalent way of communicating during the Covid-19 crisis. But for those of you who have known us for many years, you have come to appreciate that every member of this law firm prefers the connection only an in-person meeting can provide. Getting to know our clients over a cup of coffee and relaxed conversation around the table allows us to understand, to the fullest, the impact the injuries you sustained in an accident so much better than we could if our relationship were limited to Zoom meetings. While the new Delta variant has delayed our ability to have in- person meetings in our office, we look forward to the opportunity to invite our clients back to the office so that we can get reacquainted and bring you back into our productive and happy “home away from home” on 17th Street, N.W.
Finally, it seems to me that Covid-19 has given us a greater appreciation for being alive and being able to enjoy the pleasures that good health, family, and friends provide. The predominant emotion that I hear expressed is that of gratitude for things that we now recognize, that in pre- Covid days, might not have fully appreciated. Indeed, as I am writing this message, I notice for the very first time, that beautiful hydrangeas are blossoming outside my window. What a lovely sight they are! I’m happy to say that I must end this message because I am leaving to go out to lunch! Enjoy your days, and stay safe and healthy.

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