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How to Drive Safely During the Winter

Winter is one of the most dangerous seasons to operate a vehicle, particularly in areas where rain, sleet, and snow are common. Read up on these safety tips for driving in winter weather to reduce your chances of a car accident this season.

How to Drive in Winter Weather

While it is not always possible to prevent an accident in wet or snowy weather, taking the following safety precautions can help reduce your risk of a crash:

  • Wait until the weather improves, if possible.

  • Ensure your car’s equipment (tires, brakes, lights) are in good working order.

  • Drive the speed limit, particularly on wet or icy pavement.

  • Have your headlights on at all times.

  • When using windshield wipers, make sure they are on the right speed setting.

  • Avoid heavy braking.

  • Drive slowly through standing water, snow, or ice.

  • Let off the gas and the brakes when hydroplaning.

  • Make sure your vehicle has the proper amount of antifreeze to prevent engine liquids from freezing.

  • Ventilate your car to prevent humidity on your windshield and windows.

Taking all of the aforementioned safety precautions can help reduce your risk of an accident this winter. However, car accidents are not always entirely preventable.

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