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Joseph Cammarata Appears on CNN to Share Insight on Defamation Lawsuit Against President Trump

Partner Joseph Cammarata was a featured guest on a recent edition of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, where he discussed a defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump. The lawsuit was filed by Summer Zervos, a former contestant on The Apprentice who received threats after President Trump publicly denounced her allegations of being groped and said she “made up” her claims for political reasons.

As discussed in the segment, Mr. Cammarata has a unique breadth of insight related to the case, as he represented Paula Jones in her lawsuit again President Bill Clinton. In that case, similar to the defamation lawsuit against President Trump, Clinton and his defense argued that the case should be delayed until he was out of office. After successfully arguing to The Supreme Court of the United States, Mr. Cammarata and co-counsel secured a unanimous ruling that the president did not have immunity, and allowed the case to proceed.

Mr. Cammarata further discussed whether Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Schecter would allow the case against President Trump to move forward. As he stated, there is an issue that was left open in the Supreme Court’s decision in the Paula Jones case, concerning whether a suit against a President brought in a state court (which is where the Zervos case is pending) could be put on hold until the President leaves office.

However, the Supreme Court found that a judiciary could properly exercise its discretion to balance the interests of the President in conducting official business against the needs of the assault victim to have the case proceed in an expeditious manner. The Supreme Court therefore let the Jones case go forward against President Clinton. Mr. Cammarata believes the result should be the same in the Zervos state court case against President Trump.

In addition to CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Mr. Cammarata also recently appeared on HLN’s Michaela and the HLN special report How it Really Happened with Hill Harper to discuss sexual misconduct in the context of the President Clinton sexual harassment scandal. Mr. Cammarata and our firm have long been committed to protecting the rights of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse victims, and are readily available to help those who would like more information about their rights. Contact us to speak with a member of our team.