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Your Rights Are at Risk

Politicians are currently pushing legislation in Congress that will severely limit your ability to pursue your rights in Court. The politicians behind this push are in the pockets of powerful corporations and insurance companies, who do not want to be held accountable for their carelessness, misdeeds, and negligence. They have introduced several anti-civil justice bills which, if passed, will affect the rights of citizens, across the country.

DC Civil LawyerThe bills currently pending in the house, would have the following effect on your rights:

  • Will put a cap a non-economic cap of $250,000 on any recovery in a medical malpractice case, regardless of the permanent, life altering impact the malpractice may have had on your life.
  • Will eliminate class-action law suits. The lawsuits these corporations seek to eliminate protect the public, by ensuring that corporations cannot trample on our rights without legal recourse.
  • Will eliminate individual states laws regarding certain lawsuits and force cases to Federal Court.

At Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., we believe a strong message must be sent to Congress that these anti-civil justice bills are unacceptable.

If you agree, we urge you to call your representatives’offices and send them a letter, telling them they must vote NO. Please visit to help you find contact information for your representatives in Washington, D.C. You will also find a sample letter you can send to your Representative and Senators.