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CSCS Files Lawsuits on Behalf of Three Victims in Silver Spring, MD Apartment Explosion

Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. has filed lawsuits on behalf of three victims who suffered injuries and losses as a result of a fatal explosion and fire that took place at an apartment complex in Silver Spring, Maryland last August. The lawsuits, filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court on Thursday, March 30th, alleges that Key Management Co., Flower Branch Apartments, and Washington Gas failed to address a gas leak which caused a build-up of natural gas in the complex’s meter room that led to the explosion and subsequent fire.

The August 10, 2016 tragedy claimed the lives of seven victims, and resulted in dozens of injuries. In total, more than 100 residents were forced to flee from the burning complex, many of whom suffered injuries in the process as they scrambled for survival through crumbling debris or escaped by jumping from balconies. Residents left behind much, if not all, of their worldly possessions, including irreplaceable personal items, money, and important documents, as well as their homes.

The tragic event made headlines when it occurred, and an investigation opened by local officials and federal agents from the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board), soon found that the blast and fire were caused by a natural gas leak in the basement of a building in the complex which housed the meter room. What’s more, it was discovered that numerous residents had made complaints of smelling gas in the area in the weeks leading up the explosion and 911 was even called.

Despite receiving multiple complaints on several occasions, building management chose not to take action to fix the leak, which they knew – or should have known – could cause disastrous and potentially fatal consequences. This willful disregard of residents’ safety, our firm alleges in the lawsuits, is a clear indication that the defendants chose to ignore their legal duty of taking reasonable measures to address potential hazards and ensure the safety of others on their premises.

On Thursday, our legal team held a press conference at our offices in Washington, DC to announce the lawsuits and discuss how we intend to hold the defendants fully accountable for their failures and liable for the damages our clients’ suffered.

View Partner Joseph Cammarata and our clients featured on WJLA:

Backed by decades of experience fighting for the injured and the wronged, our attorneys intend to protect our clients’ interests throughout the entirety of the legal process, including the ongoing investigation being conducted by the NTSB. We know that our efforts will have a direct impact on not only helping our clients secure the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve, but also in calling attention to the serious failures made by the premises owner, management company, and gas company so that other similar tragedies can be prevented in the future.

You can read more about the lawsuit on this press release, or by speaking with an attorney from our firm if you or someone you love suffered injuries or losses in the explosion at Flower Branch Apartments. Contact us today for a free consultation.