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Partner Joseph Cammarata Gives mTBI Presentation at AAJ Seminar

While the terms concussion and traumatic brain injury have become well-known due to the spotlight on brain injuries in sports, there are still many misconceptions regarding mTBIs. During the presentation, Mr. Cammarata first discussed how the use of the modifier, "mild" to describe a traumatic brain injury, only reflects a classification of the degree of initial presentation of symptoms following a brain injury, and not the long terms consequences of a traumatic brain injury which can be severe and lifelong. Further, Mr. Cammarata discussed how a mTBI can be caused by a blow to, or jolt of, the head. A jolt of the head includes undergoing an acceleration or deceleration movement, which may cause the brain to strike the inside of the skull. This may occur during the whiplash movement caused by certain vehicle collisions. Also, a mTBI is accompanied by at least one of the following symptoms: amnesia, an altered mental state, neurological deficits, or loss of consciousness of 30 minutes or less. Oftentimes an mTBI is overlooked while a patient tends to more significant physical injuries, and a person may not be aware of the extent of the mTBI related symptoms until attempting to return to normal functioning. For some mTBI patients, the symptomology may resolve with a few days while others may be left with life-long impairments.

Joseph Cammarata At the seminar, Mr. Cammarata also described the strategy needed to pursue and litigate a mTBI case. To start, the attorney must assemble a full trial team customized to the needs of each mTBI case. Based on the victim's needs, this team may include a neurologist, a neuropsychologist, a neuroradiologist, and/or a neuro-otologist to explain the medical aspects of the case to the jury. This would include explaining to the jury how the injury occurred, the cause of the injury, the short and long-term consequences of the brain injury, and any imaging or diagnostic test results (there need not be abnormal diagnostic testing to have sustained a mTBI.) The trial team may also need to include a vocational rehabilitation expert, life care planner, and/or an economist. These members of the team would explain to the jury the future medical treatment and needs of the victim as well as the impact on the victim's ability to work and earn money.

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