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One Concussion Could Have Long-Term Consequences, Study Says

By: Allan M. Siegel

Research has shown that chronic head trauma can have catastrophic effects on a person’s well-being, especially when experienced at a young age. According to a recent study, one of the largest and most elaborate to date, even a single concussion experienced in youth can have a lasting impact on mental health and intellectual and physical functioning throughout life. Multiple head injuries can substantially increase risks of long-term problems.

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The study, conducted by scientists from Oxford University and several other universities, focused on how a concussion as a child or teenager can impact health during adulthood. Researchers analyzed medical data spanning 40 years of people who experienced some type of head injury under the age of 25.

According to the study, youth with a single diagnosed concussion – a mild traumatic brain injury – were:

  • More likely to receive disability benefits as adults.
  • More likely to have been treated by a mental health professional.
  • Less likely than siblings to graduate from high school or attend college
  • Twice as likely as siblings without head injuries to die at a younger age.

Researchers also noted that risks for long-term consequences increased when a person experienced multiple concussions during childhood, or when a brain injury was more severe. Evidence also suggests that outcomes for patients were worse if a concussion occurred after the age of 15, as the brain in early childhood is more resilient.

There has been a great deal of awareness about brain injuries raised in recent years, and in turn more reported and diagnosed concussions. Unfortunately, as this study shows, there is still a lot to be learned about the long-term impact of childhood head injuries, which most often result from sports injuries and auto accidents, and how outcomes can be improved as a victim ages into adulthood.

Our firm has covered the subject of concussions and brain injuries a lot in our blog. As Preferred Attorneys for the DC Metro Area by the Brain Injury Association of America, we have also successfully handled many cases involving victims and families affected by head injuries. Ultimately, continued monitoring and treatment is essential for victims, and proper standards in youth sports and other risky endeavors are crucial to preventing youth from becoming victims in the first place.

By fighting for victims who have suffered head injuries and concussions due to the negligence of others, we help pursue the compensation they need to pay for much-needed medical care, as well as other damages. Legal action can also serve the purpose of holding negligent parties accountable for their failures, thereby keeping others safe from similar harm and raising awareness about the importance of preventing head injuries.

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