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Federal Transit Authority Issues Report on Metro Rail "Red Light" Violations

By: Matthew Tievsky

Given Metro’s poor safety record, the Federal Transit Authority recently took over responsibility for safety oversight on the D.C. area’s major provider of public transportation. The FTA recently issued a report on “red light” violations by Metro train operators. This means instances in which an operator continued to drive a train even though he or she had a signal to stop the train, to yield the way to another train or another kind of obstacle. If an operator drives forward through a red light, of course, that could cause a collision that injures or kills passengers.

DC Train Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, the FTA reported that there have been 47 red light violations since 2012. The major cause of these red light violations is primarily simple failure to pay attention – sometimes train operators act on “autopilot” and miss red light signals.

The consequences of causing a Metro train collision can be catastrophic. For example, the 2009 Fort Totten disaster led to the deaths of nine people when one Metro train rear-ended another. We at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., hope that the intervention of the FTA will finally bring substantial improvement to Metro’s safety problems.