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Beware of Personal Injury Lawyers in D.C. who Place Unsolicited Calls to You Right After an Auto Accident

By: Matthew Tievsky

The District of Columbia has a law in place that is intended to protect recent accident victims from being harassed or taken advantage of by lawyers. The law, D.C. Code Section 22-3225.14, states that a lawyer may not contact a person who was injured in an auto accident within the past three weeks (except by mail). Nevertheless, on numerous occasions, we learn from our clients that they had been contacted by unscrupulous attorneys who ignore the law and harass innocent accident victims. These lawyers often use “runners” who illegally obtain your information from the police, and then contact you. These “runners” are also compensated by the attorneys who hired them for each case they sign up. Not only is this illegal, it is highly unethical as well. You should beware of any such attorney. In fact, if you get such a call, you should report the lawyer to the D.C. Bar.