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Pop Warner Settles Head Injury Lawsuit

By: Allan M. Siegel

Pop Warner, a Pennsylvania-based national youth football organization, recently settled a lawsuit filed in Wisconsin involving the suicide of a man who played football for the organization as a child. The lawsuit, which was filed by the mother of the former football player, claims that the 25-year-old man’s suicide was a result of significant brain damage caused by numerous head injuries while playing in the organization.

DC Brain Injury LawyerThe young man, Joseph Chernach, began playing for Pop Warner at the age of 11. An autopsy revealed that Chernach suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a disease that is known to cause physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional problems. CTE is found in people who have suffered one or repeated traumatic blows to the head. Chernach had suffered several concussions during his football years, and was also found to have suffered from Post-Concussion Syndrome at the time of his suicide.

The lawsuit sought $5 million in damages from Pop Warner for some of the following allegations:

  • Failure to adequately warn parents and players of the risk of brain, head, and other injuries
  • Organizing, promoting, and allowing children to play tackle football with disproportionately heavy helmets
  • Recklessly exposing children to danger

In 2012, Pop Warner changed its rules regarding head-on tackles and now limits the amount of time contact play is allowed at each practice. They also no longer allow full speed head-on tackling or blocking drills in which the players line up more than three yards apart. Any players with a suspected or confirmed head injury are now removed from practice and play, and may not return to play until they receive clearance from a licensed medical professional.

This settlement, together with a nationwide increase in concussion awareness, may mean that more lawsuits will be filed against Pop Warner in the future.

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