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First Lawsuit Filed in Amtrak Crash

By: Allan M. Siegel

The first lawsuit has been filed in a Philadelphia federal court relating to the Amtrak crash outside of Philadelphia. The plaintiff is an Amtrak employee who was riding up to New York’s Penn Station to work. Because he is an employee of Amtrak, he is covered by the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, which allows railroaders injured on the job to seek compensation. It also means that he is not subject to the $200 million cap that applies to claims made by passengers injured or killed in the crash.

When the derailment occurred, the plaintiff was violently thrown around the railroad car. He has since been hospitalized for treatment for a traumatic brain injury, and multiple contusions and lacerations. The lawsuit was brought by the employee and his wife, who are seeking in excess of $150,000 from Amtrak plus punitive damages for Amtrak’s reckless conduct. Punitive damages would appear to be warranted considering the facts that have emerged since the crash, including that the train was going 106 mph, more than double the speed limit for the train in that area, and seemed to be speeding up, rather than braking, before the crash.

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