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Brain Injury Awareness Day

By: Allan M. Siegel

March 18, 2015 was Brain Injury Awareness Day. As part of the national Brain Injury Awareness Month conducted by the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), the special day focused on building awareness about traumatic brain injuries among citizens and lawmakers alike. Brain Injury

In an event held on Capitol Hill, Representatives Bill Pascrell (New Jersey) and Tom Rooney (Florida) led the way in welcoming over 50 exhibitors involved in various fields relating to research, prevention, and treatment of brain injuries. Pascrell and Rooney were co-chairs of the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force (CBITF).The event also featured an awareness fair, a briefing (Finding a "New Normal": Post Injury Supports and Services That Make a Difference), and a reception.

Brain injury awareness month is a great opportunity for Americans to give thought to an issue that can so drastically devastate victims and families. Events like Brain Injury Awareness Day also help ensure that the same message is received by lawmakers and other officials who can make real differences by working toward policy changes.

As we've discussed in our previous blog, CSCS is a proud supporter of Brain Injury Awareness Month and the many efforts organizations across the country are making to improve our understanding of this complex injury. Our legal team also devotes our time and efforts to victims and families affected by TBI in their legal fight for justice.