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California Labor Commission Rules Uber Driver Should be Classified as Employee

By: Allan M. Siegel

In what could be a precedent-setting decision, the California Labor Commission recently ruled that a San Francisco Uber driver should be considered an employee, not an independent contractor. The ruling could mean big changes for Uber and other ride-hailing services across the country.Uber Auto Accident Attorney

Here is some additional information about the ruling:

  • The decision - originally reached in early June - drew national attention when it was appealed by Uber on Tuesday June 16th. Uber is expected to vehemently appeal the ruling.
  • The case in question involved a San Francisco-based Uber driver who filed suit against the company for over $4,000 in expenses.
  • The Commission ordered Uber to cover the costs because it acted more like an employer than a “logistics company” that connects drivers with consumers via an app. As an example, the court cited the fact that Uber sometimes provided drivers with phones, monitored their activity, and deactivated their account if they didn’t carry enough fares or had poor approval ratings.

The ruling could have a tremendous impact on the future of Uber and other similar ride-hailing services, including Lyft. For example, it would mean more expenses in employee compensation and benefits, such as workers’ compensation and Social Security. It may also potentially improve safety for passengers by introducing more safety regulations. The decision, so far, only applies to one driver in California.

Because it is also being appealed, Uber will continue to operate as it normally has. It also will have a tremendous impact on personal injury cases, as Uber will be held financially responsible for the acts of their drivers. In other words, anyone injured by the negligence of an Uber driver will be able to sue Uber, and hold them responsible for the acts of their employees. If the drivers were deemed independent contractors then injured victims would have to sue the drivers directly, which could significantly impact the injured party’s ability to recover money for their injuries.

Our firm has been helping auto accident victims in the DC metro area for over 40 years, and we have seen how Uber, Lyft, and other services have introduced new concerns when it comes to employment, transportation, and the rights of victims who suffer injuries in accidents.

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